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Michelle Pattenden D.Hyp.SSOH 

Stress & Anxiety Management


Welcome to The Wonders of Wellness - let me introduce myself...

I am Michelle Pattenden and I am a Master Reiki Practitioner and Hypnotherapist specialising in Stress and Anxiety Management

Using my work and personal life experiences and extensive training, I provide a unique personalised therapy in Bridgwater, Somerset. I combine Massage/Reiki/Hypnotherapy/CBT/NLP and Guided Meditation to help people find and achieve their goals, heal their inner selves, become the very best of themselves, reduce stress, depression and anxiety, combat weight, addictions and phobias and boost their own healing energy.

I look forward to meeting you - You can be assured of a confidential, professional, relaxed and warm experience.

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The way I have come to do what I am doing has accumulated and evolved over the years... I originally started off working in Mental Health for over 10 years, running shifts and key working clients ranging from schizophrenia, personality disorders, bi-polar to learning difficulties. 

I also started offering  Art Therapy sessions to adults with mental health issues giving them an outlet to express themselves and helped to set up SoundScape - An inclusive music and dance therapy for mainly learning difficulties and mental health. 

Whilst dealing with the challenges of adopting plus having one child diagnosed as on the Autistic Spectrum I started looking into therapies I could learn to help us whilst we sat in the never ending waiting lists of specialists. 

This resulted in becoming qualified in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) as well as Being attuned as a Master Reiki Teacher. I now provide services to people around the Bridgwater and surrounding areas in Somerset.



When Reiki entered my life it was then that things started fitting into place and I knew that this was a way to reach people who were struggling,  to help them through Healing and Therapy.

However I wanted to go further and help people to regain control back in their lives - I had become fascinated by the mind and its effects through my NLP training so I trained and qualified in Hypnotherapy becoming a fully qualified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.



"If you want pure, total relaxation, a service actually tailored for you as a person, then you can't go wrong with Michelle. She's a total professional, and what she does really, really works."

"Fantastic! Had my first experience of Reiki. Left me feeling relaxed and positive. Amazed at how much Michelle picked up and was able to inform me. Will be recommending and be back regularly!"

"Wow, where do I start? Michelle has changed my life. I contacted Michelle for hypnotherapy because I was interested in losing weight. I've lost weight and my self esteem is through the roof. Please don't get booked up!"

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