I've known Michelle for a few years now. She was recommended to me by a friend before the WOW Group was established.

My friend had many reiki/massage sessions, and at the time I was looking to de-stress. I booked my first sessions...WOW, what an experience, I loved it and how I felt. I really struggled with relaxing, my head was always manic/busy, but I literally felt like I was floating during the treatment and my mind was emptied from everyday stresses l, I was totally in a meditated state.  

Afterwards, I recommended Michelle to friends and family straight away. I wouldn't shut up about my experience. I was just amazed. 

My husband and daughter have also benefitted from the reiki/massage sessions and have booked in for more.

The WOW Group 

I was really intrigued when I heard about the "WOW Group".  

I was still struggling mentally from a back operation I had, we had sick family members and I was stressing about my job. It was one of my darkest times.  

When the WOW Group started I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I knew I had to do something to snap me out of my depressing, negative mindset. For me and my family.

I wasn't really into meditation or hypnotherapy as I thought I would never be able to get into it properly. HOW WRONG could I be!

I have learnt so much; how to control feelings, how to control anxiety and stress. How to breathe to calm and relax. I'm now able to zone totally out in my own mini-meditation which I do some lunchtimes if my day is challenging.

It helped me gain confidence, push me out of my comfort zone and realise my full potential. It made me hungry for progression. It made me rethink my career and gave me the big push I needed to go for a new job that would keep challenging me. My self-confidence is on another level! 

I love the way the group makes me feel like I'm part of a family who has struggled too, people that can relate to you. We can help each other.  

I love listening to Michelle's weekly stories, experiences and meditations. I really feel part of the journey, "our" journey as a group. I enjoy hearing others stories and how it's helped them.

I personally don't think you can put a price on health, especially mental health. It's amazing value for money and flexible. If I can't make a session due to other commitments, I receive the recording via WhatsApp so I don't miss out. I can then catch up when it's more convenient for me. 

Michelle has also uploaded free tools/hypnotherapy sessions online for the group and gives us great discounts too.  

I have messaged Michelle a few times thanking her for everything she's passed on. It's so valuable to me and part of my life/weekly routine. I now feel that I'm looking after myself head to toe!  

I really can't thank her enough. She is truly magical. 

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