Why are we feeling so tired?

So how is everyone doing? 

Are any of you feeling much more tired than usual? 

Even though you are doing less than you did before? 

I know I am and am taking full advantage of being able to sleep and rest. 

The reason many of us may be feeling tired now is that our bodies can only remain in fight or flight for so long - we have all stepped up in some way- we stepped up in anxiety and fear, we stepped up in conversations, stepped up in helping - in connecting - in learning new ways of communicating, we stepped up in home schooling and family dynamics. 

We stepped up in adrenaline and tears. Laughter and craziness. Love and compassion. 

However.. it has to come down at some point and that will differ from person to person and some of us will now be going to a new stage of the fight or flight and be feeling exhaustion - mentally and physically. 

So go with it - rest if you need to - this tiredness will be temporary too as your mind and body rebalances a little bit and bring you back up to a more comfortable state. 

We are reacting instinctively in an unknown experience and so with no way of being able to judge or rationalise or use past experiences to go by we must listen to our minds and bodies and be able to sit with each stage of our process.

Listening to yourself and giving yourself what you need at the time will be your perfect coping strategy. 

Stay Safe & Well My Wonderful Magical Souls 


Posted on May 1st 2020

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