Weight Loss Package


Weight Loss Package

A unique package exclusive to The Wonders of Wellness comprising of 4 Hypnotherapy Downloads, Resource Sheets, NLP Techniques, Weekly Planner, Videos and Online Support. This package supplies all the tools you need to achieve your Weight Loss Goals and boost your self esteem!


"I just wanted to say thank you. The weight loss package is brilliant. I love the fact that I can pick it up at any time and it fits in with my life, especially at the moment.

The sheets you’ve designed and the e-mails just have the right information, without overloading. I really struggle to retain information, so it’s just right for me.  

I feel like it’s all starting to fit into place. After the first session with you on the hypnosis, I literally went to make a cup of tea in the morning, put a sweetener into a cup (I really don’t like tea without one, really!), and looked at it and threw it in the bin. Wow!!! I haven’t had any since, which is amazing for me.   

Thank you so much" - Sarah

"I listened to the first hypno video last night and loved it. Very relaxing and loved the tips fat and thin foods!!! I'm going to print off the information sheets today." - Janet 

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