I decided to join the WOW group after attending one of Michelle's zoom meditation/hypnosis sessions. After a cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgery and treatments in 2019 I was left reeling and feeling in limbo, when I was ready to start living my life again in march 2020 we were put into lockdown and then I had to shield and this all had an effect on my mental and general health. 

I could see no way out and as someone who had never thought I would need help, I realized after just one session I did!

There is no pressure, you can have a voice if you have something to share, you can have your camera on or off. We have learned how to laugh with each other and just knowing you are going to see some smiley faces on a Thursday can be the thing that gets you through the week. 

The group is made up of people who all need something and somewhere in our lives where we can be without people passing judgment. We all have our problems and being there supporting each other has made so much difference. 

Every session brings something different, sometimes it hits a nerve which can bring tears (there goes the voice of experience!) which need to be released and others bring light bulb moments where you think "ah that's why that I am thinking/feeling that" and it allows you to work you through things until you see things clearer.

For me personally having originally declined professional post-cancer counselling, being part of the WOW group gave me the confidence to face my fears full-on ask for this help. I would not have done this without the support of Michelle and the group, it helped me sort out all of the cancer-related issues that were stopping me from living and with all of the sessions in the WOW group I now feel that I have a life worth living. I have stepped outside of my comfort zone, going places, doing things that I would never have done before WOW. My husband often says how proud he is that I reached out and joined and how different I am now. For me, it has been my lifesaver and that is no exaggeration I am so glad that I spent money and continue to spend money being part of this group and I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels like they need help in a non-heavy way. It's a gentle way to heal yourself.

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