The WoW VIP Membership Group

Welcome to 

The WoW VIP Membership Group! 

Become a member of my WoW VIP Membership Group and benefit from online therapy and support on a regular basis plus lots of additional benefits including discounts and freebies! 

By becoming a VIP member you get to help shape this interactive and supportive Group as we all take this journey together - whether it’s dealing with anxiety and stress, self-esteem and confidence, weight loss, goal setting, motivation or anything else you may be struggling with or you just want to know how to become the very best of your brilliantly unique self this group is for you! 

No longer feel alone in what you are feeling or experiencing as we explore ways forward together. 

By becoming a VIP you will receive my absolute attention and priority as I help you to overcome any obstacles through:

  • Weekly Group Zoom Calls.
  • Weekly Hypnosis Audios.
  • Exclusive Website Resource Page.
  • Private Facebook Page.
  • Discounts.
  • Free Products.
  • Consistent Support.

Coaching to move your mindset, priority service and knowledge that I will be championing you every step of the way! How much will this cost I hear you? 

The MONTHLY membership fee is the same cost as just one 30 min 1-1 session with myself but this option gives me a way to offer you continual support and unlimited access to resources! 

And if you are already a regular in the cabin don’t forget you will now also receive 10% off your favourite treatments! 

At just £35 a month (£8.75 a week) it is the most affordable way of receiving valuable therapy and emotional well-being support. 

I look forward to having you join me in the group and can’t wait to meet you! 

Sign me up now - £35

The Wonders of Wellness Junior

A resource package of children’s hypnosis and mediation audios covering topics like sleep, anxiety, confidence and anger - for a one off price this package gives you lifetime unlimited access and is constantly being added to - from 5 minute meditations to 30 minute magical mindset journeys.

One of payment of just £25.00.


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