Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a brilliant way of experiencing a deep meditative state whist being transported on a wonderfully relaxing journey - allowing you to clear your mind and give your subconscious a place to 'dump' any stresses and worries you as be carrying around, whilst reinforcing positive suggestions.

My guided meditation groups are held in the cabin or for larger groups can be held at a venue of your choice. There is no age requirement and anyone can join in.

I offer the use of the cabin and myself to groups of 4-5 people and lots of groups of friends have found this a very intimate relaxing bonding experience and have been amazed at how their stress levels have decreased as they literally 'float' out of the cabin at the end!

We talk a bit about day to day stresses, coping techniques and mindfulness - I keep it very 'real' appreciating that we all have very busy lifestyles and we don't all need to start living very spiritually or 'hippy' to experience and appreciate meditation. This is for the Everyone! 

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What does the meditation involve?

We make ourselves comfy on blankets and pillows and I take you on a beautiful meditation journey whilst listening to relaxing music - allowing you to find things out about yourselves and release some of your stresses along the way. 

It's becoming a very popular way for groups of friends to spend an afternoon or evening - I've even had someone choose to spend their birthday with their friends in the cabin! 

I also offer a 1-1 guided meditation experience that can be added onto a Reiki or Facial Treatment - this is also very popular and provides another level of relaxation - we would go seamlessly from an hour Reiki/Facial straight to Guided Meditation - this is something that can be used to help with anxiety and stress and allow a deeper understanding of how meditation can be used as a 'therapy' and incorporated into day to day life.

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