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A little bit more about the book

This book had to be different from the standard black and white text you often get with a self help book - this book had to have a bit of everything and it had to reflect and be true to who I am and what I do. 

Whilst giving practical therapy advice and tips based on CBT, NLP, meditation and mindfulness it also had to be creative, imaginative and hold a little bit of magic! 

Everything has been written in chunks, there are no chapters, no long explanations and no long words (my pet hate!) ideal for the person who is trying to juggle kids, work, relationships, friendships and everything else in-between! 

So not only is this book going to be packed with exercises, tips and info it is also going to be beautifully illustrated, and even have some mindfulness colouring - giving you the opportunity to relax and switch off completely. 

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